One delicate strand into one supple bundle.

Highly durable, yet soft and flexible
For use in cutting-edge robot arms and other applications where high-speed bending and stretching are required.
Only ultra-fine wires can do it.
Flexible and tough wires like athlete’s muscles

Putting thoughts into thin lines

People never see 0.05mm.
This thin line moves the world.

From Tondabayashi, Osaka
Continuously challenging Japan’s top position in ultra-fine twisted wire

Even if our technology is used in places you can’t see,
We will continue to work in the Sanyo Denki style without any compromise.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your

We produce thin, flexible, highly reliable, and long-life ’twisted wire’、’twisted ultrafine copper wire’、 ’twisted alloy wire’、 and ’Flat braided Wire’ for electric wires and cables.
Our products are used in a variety of fields, including information equipment, audio products, automobiles, industrial robots, aircraft, and medical equipment.
The needs for ultrafine twisted wire are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse in line with the rapid technological innovation of advanced industries,
We will continue to make every effort to improve and develop our technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality and Trust

・ISO9001/14001 Acquired in 2015
・Member of Japan Electric Wire & Cable Makers’ Association
・Osaka’s Vigor! Manufacturing Company ’Takumi’ Award in 2017
・Partner company of ACT FOR 2023 SDGs Future City Tondabayashi
・Use of JIS/JCS standard materials

Sanyo Electric Wire is looking for full-time employees.